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Apply For Help


If you are a parent or guardian of a child with a life-threatening heart condition and have been forced to incur significant financial burdens in the process of getting your child the medical attention they require, you may be eligible to receive financial assistance from the Erika Kate Hope Alliance.




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Is there anything too hard for the Lord?

June 20th, 2013 ~ Traci Maynard
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Dear Friends,
As I sit outside, I am thankful for the gentle breeze and these moments of rest. This quiet space in my day is refreshing and necessary for me.  I definitely need time to reflect on God’s presence in my life, so I can tap into His power, wisdom and strength.

I’ve been reading in Genesis 18: 1-14 this week, and Genesis 18:14 has been echoing in my mind throughout these past days. Read more...


Helpful Resources

Helpful Resources

The Erika Kate Hope Alliance recognizes your child's cardiac journey will require a lot of information and support.  Please take a look at these links to other organizations and resources to help you on your path.

Prayer Request Form

Prayer Request


~ Prayer is calm assurance of God's presence.  
~ Prayer is an outpouring of the heart.  
~ Prayer is being in communion with God.

A Prayer Team is available to you to respond to what is currently on your heart and mind. Please know that your safety and comfort is of the highest importance to us.  Your prayer requests are considered private and confidential.  Requests will be monitored and shared with our prayer team on a daily basis.

For Families

Shock.  Fear.  Confusion.  Denial.  Disbelief.  Anger.

When your child is diagnosed with a serious heart illness, it is common to feel all of those gripping emotions, sometimes all at the same time, as you grapple with the reality of a changed life and the potential loss of hopes and dreams.  Please allow us to express our deep care and compassion for you as you respond to the flood of information, emotions, and disruptions surrounding your child's illness.  We would consider it a privilege to walk with you through your journey, to offer help in practical ways to ease your pain and stress.