MHS Senior Show 'Heart & Soul' for EKHA!

Emilee Meyer and Connor Lawhead, seniors at Muscatine High School, participated in the annual Senior Survivor competition this spring.  Senior Survivor is a friendly competition among seniors, challenging students to push themselves in all aspects of life, physically, mentally and emotionally, while raising money for a charity of their choice. This team of two chose the Erika Kate Hope Alliance as their favorite charity for the event.   

For these seniors to participate in Senior Survivor, they had to be among the top six teams of seniors raising the most money for their chosen non-profit.  The top six then proceed to the next round, which includes a week-long stay at the high school, attending classes during the day and competing against five other teams after school and throughout the evening.   It is a grueling week with little sleep, intense workouts and army rations.  All aspects of the event are designed to simulate some of the issues a homeless person experiences or someone in a life crisis.  

Emilee and Connor did a fantastic job competing and representing EKHA!  They placed third overall and raised $2,800 for EKHA.   

On behalf of the EKHA staff, volunteers and the families we serve, we deeply appreciate Emilee and Connor for their true ‘heart and soul’ displayed.  We are grateful for their time and sacrifice offered before, during and after the competition.  May they inspire each of us to push ourselves beyond comfort towards character defining endeavors.  

As the banner waved by supporters said, “We love Emilee and Connor!  Go ‘Heart & Soul’!”