To offer emotional and spiritual support as a care team member for our cardiac families in crisis, or to help the Erika Kate Hope Alliance with its fundraising efforts, please contact us. We would love to hear from you. 

Check out EKHA volunteers in action below.

How to Organize a Blood Drive Contributed by Diane Winegard

Senior Survivor: Students Rise to the Challenge to Support EKHA Contributed by Stephanie Anderson

For one week in March, Muscatine High School seniors Olivia Carrasco and Dawson Jones voluntarily experienced more challenges than many high school students encounter in an average week. Carrasco and Jones spent the week supporting EKHA by participating in Senior Survivor, a student competition which allows teams to raise money for charities by undertaking daily challenges to earn points. 


The Making of a Ministry Contributed by Ann Meminger

Last year I met with Traci, Director of Care for the Erika Kate Hope Alliance on a Wednesday morning.  I mentioned that I had been praying for an opportunity to volunteer for EKF.  I was asking God to let me know what he wanted me to do for EKF.  After mentioning this to Traci, she started listing off some of the needs of EKF and as she mentioned a bible ministry.  I just couldn’t get it out of my head. 


Update: Survivors or Superheroes? Contributed by Stephanie Anderson

As Muscatine High School graduating seniors Conor Dolan and Lindsay Brunson, prepare for their future, EKF would like to recognize their recent, remarkable past. For one week this semester, these students sacrificed time and suffered hardship to make a spectacular contribution to EKF.


Dion Bos: EKHA Volunteer in the Spotlight

When asked why Dion Bos volunteers for the Erika Kate Foundation, she stated, “I have always wanted to do volunteer work for a charity.   Then over a year ago, Norah, my youngest, had to be taken to the emergency room, where her little body laid in this gigantic hospital bed.  Right then and there, I was touched and recognized how blessed I am to have two healthy little girls.